Artist Statement

What attracted me to painting as my primary form of expression was my curiosity about color. I love discovering new color combinations and relationships, and utilizing symbolic qualities of color when necessary. Working primarily in oils, employing bold, expressive colors and emotive nude figures is my signature. I use painting as a way to explore and express my own deeply personal experiences with aspects of the human condition. In particular, I’m interested in the emotions resulting from matters of the heart, especially from unrequited loves; the self-discovery of inner sensualities, strengths and vulnerabilities; and searching for a sense of belonging through connecting with others. Even though those themes are what interest me the most, I do leave myself open to any other expressions that may inspire me at a given time. Another prominent element in my work is the usage of female characters with kinky or textured hair as a way to celebrate and provide continued representation of the beauty of black women and their natural hair.

Expressing such intimate and tender parts of myself through my work is how I hope to establish a deeper connection with the viewer. In a world where we are more isolated than ever, and where many shy away from authentic offline interactions and cover up vulnerabilities, I want to be the contrary and reveal my Self, unabashedly. Perhaps by showing my truths in life, the viewer may become in touch with their own personal truths; and we can all feel less alone.