In the midst of doing my own work, I’ve been wanting to get back into writing on my art blog, Purple Paintbrush, but I’ve been slacking ever so hard! At least I have kind of a valid excuse. It’s been a while since I did any posts that focused on documenting art events and this is the first time I ever tried using video for the task. I really enjoyed putting this piece together even though I’m still fairly new at video projects.

Reno just had their first official art walk in the downtown area and I thought it would be a great post for my blog. There were so many places that participated and I thought that it was well-attended by Reno-ites. I was able to check out and capture some great artwork and made this video to share some of the experience. My only regret was that I didn’t plan my time well enough to go see everything! Next time I’ll be more prepared though.

Please enjoy!