Cross-Country Shawty

This update is outrageously late, but I thought that I would put it out there anyway just so that it has a place here. Plus, I want to make sure that I rightly covered 2017 before doing a post about my plans for 2018. So here are some pictures from my cross-country trip to the East Coast to complete an artist residency at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. I didn’t take a shit-ton of pictures because most of my time was spent driving for hours, then chillin in basic hotels until the next day of driving. There also wasn’t a whole lot to see because my route was pretty straight-forward. When I did take some time to explore, I was enjoying the moment and didn’t think to take pictures all the time. Overall I will say that the country is beautiful, I met many cool people, enjoyed a lot of great food and I’m very happy that I drove across it and back. I had fun. It truly is a “rite of passage” type of journey. Though I have to admit that it wasn’t my preferred choice of travel! Roadtrips do not excite me at all. So if you’re wondering why I made it a cross-country trip, the reasons were pretty simple. I decided to drive to the residency to avoid the costs and uncertainties of shipping all of my things, and not have to worry about the cost of renting a car for 6 weeks. After weighing all of the factors, driving all the way there myself was the most practical and cost-effective option. From the info that I was able to gather about residencies, a lot of people choose to do that because most residency programs are unpaid and everything is coming out of the artist’s pocket anyway. So…there ya go.

If you missed some of the photos that I shared on my instagram page, you no longer have to miss out. Check out the gallery below! Also if you haven’t seen my YouTube videos from the residency, check out my earlier post here. Come back soon though, because my next blog post will be a meaty one – talking about what’s been going on with me and things that I’m hoping for this year. Stay tuned…

Some photos from the road!

A New Art Podcast

I finally started letting the cat out of the bag on a project that has been in the works since late 2017. I started up a new artist podcast called Art Life Confidential and by the time of this blog post it’s only about 2 episodes in. It’s a podcast directed at other artists who are kind of in the same boat as me: in that liminal stage between obscure artist and “making it.” This is a side project that I hope other creatives can connect with. I also hope that doing this will be able to spark a continuous dialogue about all of the things that we have to face when attempting to prioritize our creative selves as adults.

The podcast is now available to stream on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher – so take your pick! Visit to learn more about the podcast and the vision. The intro episode is below:

Cover Art: “Love” by The John Whites

Traci L. Turner for The John Whites.

Recently I had the pleasure of doing the cover art for the single, Love, by The John Whites. Their latest album, Music, Magic, Mischief, Mayhem, is now available for streaming and download via It’s a massive album consisting of 33 original songs, trekking through all the highs and lows that one endures in the name of love. Perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons or those moments when you want to be all in your feelings. Get a sneak peek below then get a copy for yourself.


Summer Artist Residency at The Torpedo Factory

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It’s been a while but I am BACK! After several weeks away from my home in Reno, making art and taking names at my artist residency in Virginia, I think I’ve finally re-entered the atmosphere. The last 2-3 months have been so hectic, emotional and eye-opening. I would love to get into everything and catch you up on what I’ve seen, what I’ve done and what I’ve learned. That will be in a much meatier blog post that’s on the way, so please be on the lookout for that. For now, I will share with you the 3-part vlog series that covered some of my time at the Torpedo Factory in August. It goes into some of my first thoughts about the art center, shares some of my new work and gives a look in and around the art center itself. All three videos are here below for you to enjoy, and when you’re done you can also find other vlogs about my art life on my YouTube channel, Traci L. Turner Art. So be sure to catch what you’ve missed and subscribe so you can keep up with the posts. If you see something you like let me know!

Check out my artist residency mini-series below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Friendly Reminder: I have an art vlog

This is probably my favorite video post that I’ve done so far. It’s so candid and it makes me laugh at my own ridiculousness.

There are several other videos of me chatting about art and my art life, as well as some random topics thrown up here and there. Visit my YouTube channel, Traci L. Turner Art to get caught up on the episodes and get a glimpse into who I am and how I work. I try to post weekly, but sometimes I just can’t make it happen. I’d love to have you over there. Subscribe, share with your friends and leave some comments so I know that you stopped by.💜