“I Heart You” Oil on panel, 2016. By Traci L. Turner.

These are some things that I like. Check ’em out.

Purple Paintbrush – My art blog. I share some of my work and thoughts about making art.
Art Business – I love checking out the articles here from time to time. Super informative and well-written.
Fine Art Tips – Another great site for art resources and advice, written by professional artist, Lori McNee.
Françoise Nielly – One of my favorite artists, known for her large, close-range portraits using bold colors.
Embrace the Crazy – The author of this blog shares her crazy experiences and thoughts about her life. Sometimes funny, sometimes dark but always honest.
Sessions – A web series about actors who start going to therapy. Produced by Caramel Cappuccino Films.
The Side Eye Podcast – A sometimes show that I co-host with one of my best friends. Very mature, immature content!
Nicole Stowers – The beautiful design-work of my Side Eye co-host, Nikki.
The Sextones, Whatitdo. – Great music by some friends of mine. Reppin’ Reno right!