This weekend I’ll be out of town to take a 3 day painting workshop held by the renowned contemporary portrait artist, Sean Cheetham. The workshop will be taking place at the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier. I’m looking forward to this one because I know that it will be challenging. The last workshop that I took was over two years ago and it was also at an artist atelier. I did alright (not stellar) and I learned a lot, but it kicked my ass. So I’m going into this experience already bracing myself for the inevitable frustration of growing pains. I expect to focus on some of the more technical aspects of painting and studying a person, most likely using a limited palette. That being said, I also expect at least one day of depression.

What’s also great about this endeavor is that it will take me away from my surroundings for a little while. Until December, this is the only getaway time that I have planned. I definitely haven’t grown tired of Reno, but I can tell that I need to get gone for a little while. For any reason. I need to get out of my head and placed some where else for a second so that I can react to that. Something new, yet digestible.

It’s also Halloween! Normally I love this time of year because of all the creative costumes, character callbacks, sweets and weather. I was really excited about it last year:

Halloween party 2013This year I’ve approached it with a lot less gusto. I’m taking the easy way out this year. I’m not totally sure why. I already had blue pants, a striped top and I already wear glasses so I thought Where’s Waldo would be a good one to do without being too ostentatious:

Well, that’s all I have for now. Time for me to hit the road. I’ll be sure to check in and post about the workshop however I can. Stay tuned and Happy Halloween!