“When the arm was severed
The clot began to hemorrhage…”

This is a bit of prose that I wrote that’s supposed to be a metaphor summing up what I think has been going on in my life for the last year or two. I’ve noticed an influx of thoughts, feelings and creativity after a long dark period of feeling stifled. The sudden change had reached the point of overwhelming me. It was too much for me to process, and it showed no sign of stopping. Hence the word, “hemorrhage.” This series is my attempt at sharing the emotional, psychological and even physical hemorrhaging that I felt during that time.


Definitely NOT dancing/twerking. I was trying to work against the glare from the light!

I also associate a number of firsts with this particular series: my first solo art show, the first series I’ve ever done in my “art career” (if you can call it that yet), and the first time I really started looking at myself as an artist with a respectable level of talent. What isn’t new for me is this process of exposing parts of myself through some sort of creative medium. So when people ask me if I’m nervous, scared, or tell me how brave I am, my response is usually an unfazed one. I was more concerned about getting everything finished on time and looking somewhat cohesive. I think I feel more mentally exhausted than anything else. This whole thing has been on my plate for at least the last 6 months! I’m beyond ready to just get this stuff out and move on. The closer that I get to the day when I can get my work up, the more I feel like I have senioritis. I don’t have the same fervor to complete the final tasks as I did when I first started working on the series. I don’t even want to SMELL paint for a while, I’m ready to enjoy the summer!


Down to the final tasks for my 1st show, this is how I feel – tired and ready to move on to the next thing.

At this point it’s the final countdown to the next big step in my creative life. So if you’re in Reno during the month of July, please stop through Noble Pie Parlor downtown to see the paintings. I would certainly love for you to be a part of this milestone with me. If you can’t see it in person, that’s ok too! Just be sure to check back here and on my Facebook page for more updates and thoughts, as well as pictures of all of the new work. Can’t wait to get your feedback!

-Trace ~~<3