“When the arm was severed
the clot began to hemorrhage…”

The phrase above is a bit of prose that I wrote which is intended to be a metaphor for the overall theme of the work presented here. As the name suggests, theĀ Hemorrhage series is about overflow. It’s about exposure. It’s about the parts of ourselves that escape from us, whether we want them to or not. This series is my attempt to express the endless influx of thoughts, emotions and creativity that I experienced when I relocated from the Washington, DC area, my hometown, to Reno, Nevada in 2013. The drastic change was a catalyst that led me down a path for me to be able to share myself through these paintings. Various themes were explored, including introspection, yearning and sexuality. All of which are in response to my personal experiences since leaving my previous home and my previous self behind.

(click on images for larger view)

Self-Portrait with Chest Wound

16″x20″, oil on canvas. 2014


9″x12″, oil on canvas.
Burning sexuality.


9″x12″, oil on canvas. 2014
Eventual exposure, despite efforts to hold back.

To Be Intense

16″x20″, oil on primed art board. 2014
Discovering intensity and passion from within.


16″x20″, oil on canvas. 2014
Unrequited love.


16″x20″, oil on canvas. 2014
Longing. Wistful yearning for something out of reach.

Deep Thoughts

9″x12″, oil on canvas. 2014
Introspection and heavy thoughts.


9″x12″, oil on canvas. 2014
Struggles with the functions of the female body.