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Click the photo for more about the book, Trigger: A Downward Spiral

One of the most recent projects I’ve worked on was the cover art for a book written by Naomi Davis, aka “WG.” Her book, Trigger: A Downward Spiral, is a collection of poetry and prose that tells the story of unraveling heartbreak. This is my very first real-life book cover assignment! Naomi is one of my dearest friends so I was truly honored to be asked to be a part of such a special project for her. It’s surreal to think that my artwork is actually paired up and published with such powerful words. I think that we have a similar creative mission, in that sometimes we’ll pull from personal experiences to tap into the kind of dark or difficult emotions that a lot of people try to repress.

The story she weaves in Trigger is of a person who is “bleeding out,” in a sense. This is something that I connect with as I occasionally use a similar bleeding motif in my own work. The work in her book is heart-wrenching and honest. Definitely check it out if you’re a lover of emotional love tales and evocative writing.

You can find Naomi Davis by visiting her site where you can read her blog, follow her social sites and more. Happy reading!