Earlier this week I did a video on snapchat (add me: tracekilla) where I briefly addressed one of the most common questions I receive: How do you handle having a full-time job and being an artist? It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that! There are a lot of people out there who can’t stand to be in a conventional, 9 to 5, office-type of setting because it’s draining and a waste of their time. I get that. However for those of us who can bear it, or are in a position where we have to, the path is often arduous and misunderstood. Sometimes it’s even looked down upon, especially by other Creatives who can’t fathom that kind of life. It’s important to understand that everyone’s path is different, but we’re all working towards the same things. Respect the grind in all forms. We shouldn’t look down on those who take the leap to live off of their passion(s), they’re living their dream! Theirs is a certain level of fulfillment that we all hope to achieve in some way in our lives. If only we could all make that happen. And those who don’t want to take the risk, or are not in a position where they can, are not selling out or are any less of a success in their own right.

This short stream of thoughts is for those who are in the trenches, figuring it all out, and need a boost of reassurance. This is also for those who have wondered how I make it work for myself, and for the friends who have vented their frustrations to me about those to who don’t “get it.” This is only a tiny part of the conversation, but I hope that it helps!