“Modes of Transportation” by Traci L. Turner, 2014.

It’s rare that I get attached to one of my pieces. This particular one I might consider a self-portrait, in an abstract way. Of course it doesn’t look like me, but the objects in the painting certainly represent a huge part of myself. For the last few months, outside of my job and whatever social engagements, I have been consumed by writing and painting. At the time that I painted this piece, I didn’t consider the significance of it until after I finished it. Honestly I was just trying to use up this oddly sized canvas, and compositionally it made sense to me to paint something long and thin. So out of mere practicality emerged a surprisingly personal piece of work.

The pen and the paintbrush are my vessels of expression. As of late I have been feverishly writing – thoughts, notes, happenings, ideas, emotions…whatever comes to mind. And though I could probably be doing more (don’t most of us think this?), I’ve been painting more than I ever have in my life in preparation for my first official solo show. PLUS I’ve finally gotten around to putting this space together. There’s so much work being done and much work to do!